As mentioned in my bio, I’m insanely lucky to be surrounded by women who are intelligent and goal-oriented. From growing up in Nashville, TN to my adventures at UVA, Vanderbilt, and beyond, I have found no shortage of women who have inspired me to strive to my fullest. Enter Suzie, a fellow KKG (shout out to my sisters of the golden key out there) at UVA. Suzie got her BSN at Virginia and went on to receive a Masters in Nursing for Health Leadership at UPenn. She has worked as a women’s and neonatal intensive care nurse as well as a fertility nurse. With her vast wealth of knowledge and passion for the fertility world, BINTO box was born!

What is BINTO?

BINTO is a customized subscription service and knowledge center for the reproductive and fertility years. Think of us as a personal assistant, someone who connects individuals with the products they need to help have a better menstrual cycle or improve their fertility experience.

How is BINTO helpful?

We take the guesswork out of finding the best products for individuals’ unique needs. Whether they need prenatal vitamins or assistance with menstrual cycles, every sustainably sourced product is custom curated. We know that this is a personal journey, and we provide an individualized experience through our BINTO needs survey. Each BINTO subscription is tailored to the individuals’ specific reproductive health needs. Members of the BINTO community have access to all our expert knowledge on fertility topics, helping them stay informed about healthcare choices.

Why BINTO is Unique?

BINTO is easy. We know that people have busy lives. BINTO ships directly to each customer, and it’s always free shipping. BINTO is personal. This is a very personal journey. We want each individual to know that BINTO provides a truly personal experience. The BINTO surveys match individuals to exactly the products they need. We grow with people as their individual needs change. BINTO is a community. We offer a place where all people are welcome to the products and knowledge they need.

How it Works:

Step 1: Start by filling out your survey. Whether you are just interested in getting the right products for self-care during your monthly period, or navigating the throes of fertility treatments, start here!

Step 2: Your BINTO expert is getting ready to customize your order. Each box will contain 4-6 items for your specific situation. All of our products are safe to use and each and every box is unique, based on our clients’ needs.

Step 3: Your BINTO kit is on its way to your door. Sit back and relax! When your status changes, you can let us know and we will update your monthly kit to continue to get you the products you need.

About Suzie Welsh

“My story really begins in the tiny, impoverished country of Malawi (on the African continent for those who haven’t heard of it). During my first trip to Malawi I saw the devastating effects that lack of access to healthcare, and health products can have on a country and its people. There, at the age of 16, my interest and passion for reproductive health was sparked, leading me to where I am today! Following my adventures in Malawi, I began my career as a women’s health and neonatal intensive care nurse. After witnessing and sharing in the trials and tribulations of pregnancy with my patients, I became eager to bring the happiness of childbirth to people who struggle with infertility. While working as a clinical nurse in an esteemed Philadelphia fertility clinic, I found an untapped and vital need in the fertility and reproductive health space…and BINTO was born. I have counseled hundreds of individuals who have struggled with infertility. I provided medical care and emotional support to patients as they navigated the journey to a healthy pregnancy. Over time, I noticed that my patients were sharing similar concerns and seeking answers to recurring questions: “What can I do to make this work? What is your advice? What products should I be using?” I want to share my knowledge and experience not only with my patients, but with everyone. I believe in the importance of reproductive health (the access to products and knowledge), and sharing the mission of BINTO with the world.”

Basically, she’s a really cool #girlboss helping other women take control of their reproductive health. What’s better than that?