In the face-paced, quick-fix world we live in, it’s easy to approach an issue with the mindset of, “there’s something wrong with me, and there must be a pill out there to fix it”. I get it– a pill to fix everything quickly and effectively would be nice! But more and more, I’ve found myself encouraging patients of mine to try their hand (or brain, I should say) at mindfulness and meditation. Stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our bodies; it can impact ovulation and delay periods, cause us to fixate on problems that are minor, weaken our immune system, and lower our sex drive, among other things. Additionally, finding psychiatrists and therapists in-network (read: cost is covered) is becoming increasingly difficult. Because of that, many women turn to their primary care providers, or their OB/GYNs, for help.

Now, I am in no way denouncing medicine here. I strongly believe in the power of proper medical treatment for mental health concerns. It is vital that those struggling with any form of anxiety, depression, etc, be seen by a provider, ideally one trained in psychiatry. Those providers can come up with a plan that will be tailored to you and your individual needs– and what’s better than that?

For those of us trying to juggle every-day stress, meditation and mindfulness can prove to be hugely beneficial. Our mind deserves to be paid the same level of attention given to our vaginas! Think about it– how much time, thought, and money is spent tending to, or worrying about, our lady parts? Our brains should warrant much more scrutiny. What each person can receive from practicing mindfulness and meditation is individual. I can say for certain, however, that the journey will be worth it. Give mindfulness and meditation a shot–you may just be surprised at what an impact it can make.

Below I’ve listed apps and books that can help you get started.